Top-7 action games in 2014
    Top-7 action games in 2014 by     19.01.2015


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    Top-7action games in 2014

    The last year was rich on great and difficult games. In the next list, you can find the best 7 action games of the last year.

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    FAR CRY 4

    This fourth edition of Far Cry series offers greater graphics, a new magnificent world, slightly different gameplay though, but with inclusion of humor and real liaison between the gameplay and the storyline. Besides, there is a multiplayer option that allows your friends to play Far Cry 4 on trial basis without the necessity to purchase the actual license. Well, to fully understand the logic of characters and story in Far Cry 4, you only need to plunge into it.

    Far Cry 4

    Official website: Far Cry 4


    Developer: Ubisoft Montreal


    Perhaps, you would like to change the magnificent open world of Far Cry 4 to a closed scary microcosm of Alien: Isolation. You should try it. The atmosphere of Alien: Isolation is beautiful, simply beautiful. If you were a kid when firstly watched "Alien" the movie, then you will definitely like it. “Sujet”: you will be searching for information about Ripley (your mother) in a closed space of the interstellar ship. You are not alone, though, because there is a hideous creature that tries to find and kill you, while you almost have no means to defend from it. Alien is mostly unpredictable, so do not try to deceive it: the creature can appear from anywhere.

    Alien: Isolation

    Official website: Alien: Isolation


    Developer: The Creative Assembly


    We are getting back to the action-adventure shooter. Bethesda Softworks created a cruel and cool world, where you will defeat your enemies in a wonderful combats. The story isn’t bad either: three years after the original story, you find yourself in a body of William Blazkowicz to be captured by the antagonist Deathhead. Then you escape from the human experimentation laboratory to appear in an asylum in Poland after a serious injury. When Nazis come to the asylum, you suddenly wake up to defend yourself from then, and you head to Deathhead to kill him. 

    Wolfenstein: The New Order.

    Official website: Wolfenstein: The New Order


    Developer: MachineGames


    Another survival game that forces you into trouble of living in a war. You will look at war in a different perspective. You are to control a group of people who try to withstand the lumping war steps. When daylight comes out, try to hide from snipers, while at night try to find necessary resources to supply your stock. Take notice that you will have to decide whether you are going to help people outside your group or try to rob them and live at their expense. This War of Mine is a moral quiz, if you wish, so you can check what you would really do in a wartime.

    This war of mine.

    Official website: This War of Mine


    Developer: 11 bit studios


    You are presented with a familiar first-person shooter, but there is a difference in displaying the necessary info: all data is projected in a hologram from the guns you have. In the single-player campaign, you progress in levels and commit various challenges in order to gain points to upgrade your costume with different attributes, while you can join your friends to kill AL-enemies in the Exo Survival mode. Surely, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a one of the best out there.

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Official website: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


    Developer: Sledgehammer games


    Let’s look at the bright side of the shooters world. In Plants vs Zombies, you have cartoonish interface, great sound and unique challenges. The challenges are different for each class; once you complete the challenge, you get access to upgrades, new weapons, and clothing for characters, as well as completely new characters. Available for Xbox, PC, and Play Station, this game will let you enjoy numerous game modes, so you can relax and simply have fun with it!

    Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare.

    Official website: Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 


    Developer: PopCap



    In this game, you just jump into a giant Titan and continuously fight against your rivals, once you are summoned to take part in a destructive battle. With special anti-Titan cannons you can destruct Titans even if you are running only as a pilot. There are three distinctive classes of Titans to choose from. The speed and armor of the Titan depend on weight (heavy, medium and light), therefore, on class. The base game of Titanfall presents 15 maps and five modes for multiplayer, including the Team death-match mode, Pilot Hunter, Capture the flag, etc. Of course, you are allowed to use rocket launchers, chain-guns and lightning cannons.

    Official website: Titanfall Developer: Respawn Entertainment